How to Peel a Banana

Peeling a banana is one of the first food preparations you can do with your child. Montessori encouraged practical life skills for toddlers and young children.

1. Sit down, facing your child to demonstrate this task.
2. Place the banana on a cutting board or table.
3. Cut (with a safe, plastic, serrated knife) a small notch at the top of the banana’s stem. An easier way is to open the banana at the other end with fingers.
4. Hold the banana gently in the palm of your hand.
5. Put the curved part of banana towards you.
6. Pull down the first peel.
7. When the first side is finished, turn the banana (with both hands), hold the bottom and peel another section, continue until peeled.
9. Eat the banana with your child or place the peeled banana on a cutting board and cut with a plastic knife chunks of banana.
10. Let your child peel a banana.

More Fun
After your child has cut the banana look for seeds. These are seeds you can eat.
Cut other fruit. An older child can cut pears and apples. An apple cutter is a fun tool to use on pears and apples. You have to remove the seeds because you can’t eat them.
Have a party and dip your fruit pieces in peanut butter honey dip. (Mix together honey and peanut butter to make a simple dip)

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