Cardboard Tube Nativity Craft

This is an easy to make Nativity Scene for the Christmas holiday. It’s made from simple items you have at home, cardboard rolls from toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper- glue, scissors, marker pens, cotton balls, glitter and beads.
Even the youngest preschooler will love this family project.

How to Make a Pop-Up Book

Pop-up books were my kids favorite type of books when they were in preschool and primary grades. This has a step by step illustration on how to make a pop-up book. You can use old holiday cards, family photos, and magazines cut outs to make a Holiday Book about your family traditions.
This has nice patterns for paper folding pop-up objects.

Cozy up by the kitchen table for a fun filled evening of book making.

Christmas Tree Shape Game

Christmas Tree Shape Game can be printed out for as many players you have in class or at home. For really young children, call out the shape for them to color. For example, color the square red (then color the circle green, color the hexagon purple, and so on). You can make your own rules to make the game more difficult or easy to play.

This game is great for following directions, taking turns, small motor skills development, visual discrimination and learning shapes.
It also helps with reading and math readiness.

Fun & Free Snowflake Game

This snowflake game is perfect for winter evenings. It is great for number recognition, counting, sorting, skipping a turn, negative numbers and matching.
Print out on card stock to make the game more sturdy. A brass brad is all you need to keep the spinner loose enough to spin or instead of the spinner use dice.

Norwegian Basket Paper Ornament

Every year my family would make heart shaped, Norwegian ornaments to put on our Christmas tree. Here is an easy to follow basket ornament instructions from DLTK. These cute little baskets can be made from recycled wrapping paper, you don’t have to be blue and red.
Put little sweets or a kind message in the basket ornament. This would make a nice cultural activity for home or school.

Paper Doll Angel Printouts has some wonderful paper doll printouts-best of all they are free! You can print out angels, add angel clothing and add even your favorite hair do! You can print out the bodies to make as a template to make the angels out of craft foam. With the same method, you can make the clothing out of felt.

These printouts have so much variety that your chld can have hours of fun, cutting, designing with their friends.
You can add extras like yarn, glitter, beads, ribbon and even old wrapping paper to make this a more complex art adventure.

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Advent Calendar Paper Chain

An Advent Paper Chain provides a nice timeline for the Christmas holiday. Montessori used timelines to help children understand the concept time. Time has a present, past and future. Advent helps teach this in a fun and exciting way.

Instead of making an advent calendar,  printout paper chains for counting down the days for Christmas or any holiday. Use a small glue stick and scissors for hours of cutting, pasting and counting fun!

Older children can learn about ordinal numbers, such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Use this printout to make your calendar chains for anytime of the year. It’s a great way to count down the days.

Montessori Alphabet Cooking with Kids

Montessori Alphabet Cooking with Kids is a great way to introduce kitchen practical lifes skills. It is a fun way to learn the sounds of the alphabet too!
Cooking and learning are a perfect combination.

What is Your Child’s Talent
We all are born with God given talents. Talents can be apparent or hidden. Also, talents can change over time. Here is a fun non-scientific survey to help you figure out your child’s talent.

Food Timeline & Montessori

Montessori used timelines to show the big picture of history. During this holiday season it could be interesting to find out why we cook the way we do. The Food Timeline has a great overview of the development of our food and cuisine. It has some great links too.
Colonial Receipts (Recipes) To Try has lots of recipes from Johnny Cakes to Rock Candy. It would be fun to try a few Colonial Recipes at your next holiday feast.

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