Snail Anatomy

Snails and slugs are fun to watch and learn about. Here is a Montessori newsletter about snails with free nomenclature cards.

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Make New Plants from Clippings

My friends and I always share cuttings from our houseplants. Cut about 3 inches from a healthy plant stem, place in a jar of water and wait for the stem to sprout roots. Some of the easiest plants to root from stem clippings are Coleus, Impatiens, Geraniums and Begonias. Plant the rooted stems in a pot and enjoy!

Here is a helpful how-to video.

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Outdoor Games

I remember playing Kick the Can, Spud and other great outdoor games as a child. The long summer days were perfect for hours of fun with my friends. Sometimes outdoor games can get a little rough, so I would have adults play too.

Here are some links that may give you some ideas for outdoor games:
Kids Games
Racing Games
Inside and Outside Games
Relay Games
More Relay Games

Keep in mind the ages of the children participating, their skill level and most of all, consider safety first.
Happy playing!

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