I know the price of gas is making our summer vacations look a little bleak.
Another alternative to traveling from home is to become a tourist in your own area. Sometimes I am amazed at what I can do in my own city. Check the weekend newspaper to plan for events.
Also, check out your local tourist board for information. Here is a world wide tourism directory.

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Container Gardening

I’m growing my tomatoes, sunflowers, herbs and lettuce in big pots this year. We have such a dry climate that everything seems to grow better in pots.
I’ve never tried growing sunflowers in pots and I’m shocked at how well they are growing. I’ve always loved how sunflowers follow the sun from morning till sunset. The birds love the seeds tool

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Making easy handwork

My grandmother used to find designs and would transfer them on cotton cloth for stitching handwork. She would find patterns from coloring books and magazines. Just place a piece on carbon paper face down on the cotton fabric, place the design over it and trace it with a pencil. The carbon pattern was very clear and easy to sew. I was thrilled I could stitch these unique designs.

How to stitch
Montessori Hand Work

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Balloon Baseball

I played baseball with my niece using a balloon and a plastic bat. It’s a super easy way to learn how to hit a ball with a bat. The balloon is bigger than a baseball, and floats slowly in the air, so it’s easy to hit.
The balloon was bouncing around from the smacks of the bat.

Next, I pitched a plastic ball and my niece actually hit the ball over the fence.
She was so proud of herself!

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Cutting Herbs

I’m spending some time with my niece today.
She loves the garden, so today we’ll collect herbs.
I’m going to let her prepare the herbs by slicing them finely with a scissor. I have Chinese (garlic) chives and onion chives that are so easy to cut into small pieces using a safety scissor.
Cutting herbs is a wonderful sensory experience for adults and children.

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