Folk Schools-Keeping Culture Alive

My younger siblings went to Norwegian Folk Schools. They not only studied the culture of Norway but learned by doing activities. They studied a tole type of painting, Rosemaling, carving, making musical instruments, dancing, literature, drama, jewelry making, history and skiing. These schools were the opposite experience of their American public school education. Folk schools are about self-chosen learning in a cooperative environment. Students work on projects that interested them. There aren’t any grades. Students learn about their chosen subject area. Folk school education is a great addition to homeschooling and the Montessori environment. Here is a link to the John C Campbell Folk School in America. Many folk schools are open to both young and old. It’s never too late to go to a folk school!

Family Moon Watching Activity

It’s always a great time to observe the moon. It is a perfect time to enjoy the evening with your family and chart the moon’s changing phases on your own lunar calendar.   Check out the free moon and calendar printouts at I am having a great time making my own lunar calendar!

Moon Calendar