Introducing Numerals and Letters

Children under the age of four years-old don’t always grasp the differences in number and letter symbols. Teaching to recognize letters and numbers too early can be frustrating for everyone.

Playing with different shaped blocks and bricks is a great first foundation for this activity. It teaches about differences and similarities in geometric shapes that is later translated into number and letter recognition.

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Included is this pattern to make soft cloth blocks for your baby or toddler.

Latitude Longitude Location and Weather

Every place in the world has unique weather. What type of weather you experience depends where you live.  The equator tends to be warm, the poles tend to be cold,  and where you live it can be combination of cold and warm weather.

The warm air moves from the equator toward the poles and the colder air from the poles moves toward the equator. When these two different types of air masses meet,  different weather occurs where you live.

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