Oceans and the Water Cycle

Oceans are an important part of the water cycle. It affects the weather and moisture in the earth’s atmosphere.

Snowfall affects the water cycle where I live. If we don’t have a good snow pack in the mountains we have a short supply of water for cities and farms.  Melting snow fills rivers and reservoirs that provide water for us.

Here is a printout and little lesson about our wonderful water cycle.

Latitude Longitude Location and Weather

Every place in the world has unique weather. What type of weather you experience depends where you live.  The equator tends to be warm, the poles tend to be cold and where you live it can be combination of cold and warm weather.

The warm air moves from the equator toward the poles and the colder air from the poles moves toward the equator. When these two different types of air masses meet different weather occurs where you live.

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